‘Cork Screwed’ takes a deeper look at Niagara wines

Cork Screwed TV

‘Cork Screwed’ takes a deeper look at Niagara wines

Season 2 to air in September

Two Niagara personalities are continuing their deep dive on the region’s liquid bounty.

To be specific the bounty that comes via the fermented juice of grapes grown from Beamsville to Niagara-the-Lake. There’s a lot to know about Niagara’s wine industry, from pairing tastes to the science that makes it happen, all of which will be examined in Cork Screwed season two as hosts Patrick Gagliardi and Ralph deGroot continue their layman’s quest into understanding, and perhaps more importantly enjoying, Niagara’s vinicultural output.

“We have this beautiful playground of flavours and taste,” said Gagliardi, who just wrapped up shooting the second season of the Bell FibeTV1 show.

The upcoming season will continue much as the first, with the pair of everyday men exploring the depth and complexity of food and wine in Niagara from the viewpoint of the uninitiated. Both Gagliardi and deGroot conceptualized the show by drawing on their experience in the television arena. They wanted to do something at home and, while Niagara didn’t have tons of studio space, it did have a breadth of wine and food culture. The only thing was the pair didn’t know much beyond the fact red wine goes with red meat, and white with chicken.

“We came at it from zero,” said Gagliardi, explaining the show is a light-hearted exploration.

“It’s a fun way to learn about wine,” he said.

Every episode Gagliardi and deGroot team up with a wine maker and local chef or culinary expert to explore the tastes of various wines, and the food to match, before rounding it out with a little explanation of the science courtesy of Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute.

“You just have to explore and get out there,” said Gagliardi, noting with season two the pair had a little more time to pull everything together. This meant a deeper dive into the harvest process, including a frigid season opener concerning the ice wine harvest.

“It’s season one amped up,” he said, adding season two also boasts examinations of less predominate wines, including Gamay and sparkling.

Pilliteri Estate Winery partnered for the ice wine season opener, while 13th Street Winery will offer an in-depth look at Gamay. Sparkling wine will be front and centre, with an episode focusing on Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate. The season continues with an exploration of the Greenbelt, with the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. The first five episodes will wrap with an all-cab episode with Cabernet Sauvignon from Marynissen Estate Winery and Cabernet Franc from Pondview Estate Winery.

Season two of Cork Screwed will be available in September on Bell FibeTV1 and www.corkscrewedtv.com.

by Steve Henschel  Niagara-on-the-Lake, NiagaraThisWeek.com

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