Cork Screwed Season One
Exploring 5 Great Wineries
Ralph and Pat visit five wineries over the Niagara Region for the first season.  A program at St. Catharines’ CCOVI at Brock University promises to answer all of Ralph and Pat’s questions and more! CCOVI walks Ralph and Pat through the basics while they explore the over 90 wineries in the Niagara Region alone.

Cork Screwed is currently available on Bell Fibe.

Ralph and Pat visit The Good Food and Wine Co. and learn about Cabernet Franc, the Niagara Wine Region and break myths about Rosé.

Ralph and Pat visit Flat Rock Cellars and learn about Pinot Noir, limestone and break myths about white wine with fish.

Ralph and Pat visit Featherstone Estate Winery & Vineyard and learn about Riesling aromas and the power of sheep.

Ralph and Pat visit Henry of Pelham Estate Winery and learn about Baco Noir, the Speck family history and the red wine fermentation process.

Ralph and Pat visit Southbrook Vineyards and learn about Chardonnay, biodiversity and pollination.